Intimacy Problems

Written by Samuel Wong
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Virtually every relationship encounters problems with intimacy from time to time. Sometimes one partner has a higher sex drive than the other, other times one partner has issues when it comes time to be intimate with one another. Today, there are various therapy methods, supplements, and medications that can help solve some of these problems.

One of the most commonly reported problems when it comes to intimacy issues is a man not feeling virile enough. Today men are bombarded with images of what the ideal man should be like. He should have a perfect body and be able to perform at will. Many adult videos depict men ejaculating excessive amounts of seminal fluid. The average man ends up thinking that this is what his woman will expect of him in the bedroom. If he takes these images too seriously, he may not feel up for the job when the time comes.

Most Intimacy Problems Can Be Treated

Another common intimacy problem stems from different levels of sexual desire. The common stereotype is that the man always wants to have sex more often than the woman. However, sometimes this role is reversed with the woman wanting more than the man thinks is necessary. This imbalance can lead to resentment and isolation if the lines of communication regarding sex are not kept open.

Another common intimacy problem occurs when the man cannot perform. This can happen for various reasons. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and prescription drugs can all cause erectile difficulty for men. If these issues become a problem, a visit with the doctor should be scheduled to discuss alternative treatment methods that do not interfere with intimacy.

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