Libido Products

Written by Jill Morrison
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Libido products are available to men and women who suffer from low libido or sexual dysfunction. Some of the options are more effective than others. Those who simply want a little lift in sexual desire should consider natural options such as herbal supplements or aphrodisiac foods. Those who need a stronger treatment may want to seek the advice of a physician. Prescription drugs can be very effective for curing certain sexual problems.

Libido Products Available to the Public

Many people do not realize that libido enhancing products are readily available for purchase. Different types foods and beverages are considered to be aphrodisiacs. Fragrances such as vanilla, jasmine, rose, and sandlewood can help to stimulate sexual desire as well. Herbal supplements for sexual enhancement can also be taken safely with minimal or no side effects.

Specific foods can be utilized to spark sexual appetite. For instance, celery acts as a sexual stimulant for women. It contains an odorless hormone that is also released through male perspiration called androsterone, which turns women on. Bananas contain the bromelain enzyme, which improves male libido and increases energy levels for sexual performance. Chocolate contains theobromide and phenyl ethylamine, which increases energy, attraction, sexual desire, and feelings of love in women.

Herbs and spices can also affect libido. Garlic contains the ingredient allicin, which increases libido and blood flow to sexual organs. Those who do not enjoy the pungent odor of fresh garlic can take garlic supplements instead. Ginseng is an herb that has a mild stimulant action, much like coffee. Raising energy levels with foods and herbs can help to promote sexual desire. Spicy foods such as chilis and pungent spices are also known to increase sexual desire because they can raise heart rates in those who consume them.

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