Maca Powder

Written by Lacy Carter
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Maca powder doesn't sound like a tasty condiment, and truthfully, it's not. While some people describe the taste as mild or sweet, others plainly dislike the flavor. Only the individuals can decide for themselves whether or not Peruvian Maca root is something they enjoy tasting or simply tolerate for the amazing benefits.

Can Maca Powder Taste Great?

Actually, you can make Maca root powder take on any flavor that you wish. It is recommended to mix a couple of teaspoons of the powder with the liquid of your choice. Orange juice, coffee and even water are some popular partners.

Other people like to take it a step further and incorporate the powder into yogurt, ice cream and oatmeal. It makes sense to mix the substance with something that you already eat or drink on a daily basis. Fusing two things together is an easy way to build a habit of taking your Maca without having to remember a new routine.

The natural taste of Maca powder is interpreted differently depending on your likes and dislikes. You can give it a little sample to see if it agrees with you. If you find it pleasant, stir it into your morning coffee or water bottle each day.

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