Male Enhancement Pills

Written by Samuel Wong
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You've probably all heard of the popular prescription-only male enhancement pills Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. While each of these pills can help you out in the bedroom, they won't do much if you're having other intimacy problems. Prescription drugs such as these only assist you in achieving erection. If you are suffering from decreased libido or low sperm count, these drugs will not benefit you at all.

The advertisements for the prescription male enhancement pills give viewers the impression that taking these drugs will turn you into a sex machine. What they fail to mention or make clear is that some people may not be able to take these drugs, especially those with heart problems. Before taking any medication or supplement, talk to your doctor about potential side effects or health risks.

Natural Enhancement Pills

Some of the herbal enhancement pills that can enhance the male sexual experience contain a combination of herbs that increase stamina and sex drive. If you're just interested in building up your stamina, look for supplements containing Yohimbe. Supplements containing Horny Goat Weed can help put you in the mood for intimate moments with your partner.

Newer male enhancement pills contain ingredients derived from European flowers. These supplements can help people who have problems with infertility. Flower extracts have been shown to help increase semen and sperm production, which can improve your chances of conception while providing longer lasting, more intense orgasms.

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