Male Infertility

Written by Samuel Wong
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Infertility in men can cause a multitude of problems, not just limited to those couples trying to have a baby. When a man cannot produce enough healthy sperm, he can feel inferior and inadequate. These feelings can have a domino effect and diminish the quality of relationships at home and at work.

Many times infertility is not caused solely by an inability to conceive. Some men believe that other conditions represent infertility. These conditions can be erections that do not last as long as usual, erections that do not feel hard or strong enough, or a decrease in sexual stamina. Men can also have problems expressing their concerns with infertility to their partners.

Treat Male Infertility with Supplements

Infertility can sometimes be easily treated using vitamins and herbal supplements. Increasing intake of vitamins B and C can result in increased stamina and healthier sperm. Eating foods high in Zinc has also been shown to be beneficial to a man's sexual health. Numerous studies have shown that a healthy diet and regular exercise can increase sexual appetite, which can increase fertility for some men.

Symptoms of infertility can sometimes be caused by prescription and over the counter medications. Some antidepressants are known to decrease sex drive and interfere with the ejaculatory process. Certain allergy medications can cause irritability and drowsiness which can also have a negative effect on overall sex drive. If you think any of your medications are causing infertility, talk to your doctor.

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