Male Sexual Health

Written by Samuel Wong
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Male sexual health is now no longer a hushed topic of conversation. Every day we see ads on television promoting the latest miracle drugs that are rekindling the flames of passion between couples across the globe. Sexual health has now become as important to men as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

In the past, men accepted the decline of their sexual health and chalked it up to old age. It was acceptable and even expected that older couples only had sex once or twice a year. The more you progressed in age, the more asexual you were assumed to be. Declining libido was something you noticed, but did little to prevent.

Improve Your Sexual Health

Luckily, those days of disregard for male sexual health have passed us by. Studies have shown that regular sexual activity not only reduces stress and improves your health, but it can also act as a fountain of youth. Men of all ages are now taking active steps at improving and maintaining their sexual health by eating healthier foods, exercising regularly, and taking vitamins and other dietary supplements.

Maintaining your sexual health does not have to be a huge undertaking. Simple steps like reducing alcohol consumption and quitting smoking can go a long way toward improving your sexual health. Supplementing your diet with vitamins B and C can increase your energy and overall health. Speaking with your doctor or a nutritionist is also a smart way to improve yourself physically, mentally, and sexually.

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