Multiple Male Orgasms

Written by Samuel Wong
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One of the many ways in which women have men beat is in their ability to have multiple orgasms. Some women have reported having orgasms that last a few minutes or longer. For most men, an orgasm lasts a few seconds and then they have to wait a while until they are able to have another orgasm.

Multiple male orgasms are something that many men wish they could achieve because they means more than just increased pleasure. A man who is able to have multiple orgasms has the ability to last longer in bed which makes him more able to satisfy his partner's needs. Being able to have more than one orgasm in a short period of time also gives a man a feeling of confidence and virility that cannot be compared.

You Can Have Multiple Male Orgasms

There are several techniques a man can do that can increase his ability to have multiple orgasms. The easiest way to do this is by strengthening the Kegel or PC muscles. These muscles control the flow of urine through the penis and they can also control the flow of semen. A multi-orgasmic male usually does not ejaculate multiple times but he feels the sensations of orgasm more than once.

Learning your limits during sexual stimulation is another way you can develop your ability to have multiple orgasms. In this instance, practice makes perfect. Spend some time stimulating yourself almost to the point of orgasm. Pay attention to the sensations your body is feeling during this peak period and breathe deeply and relax your body. The more in-tune you become with your body's sexual sensations, the more able you are to experience multiple orgasms.

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