Pheromone Attractant

Written by Josh Dodes
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All human beings secrete natural pheromone attractants via their sweat glands. Until recently, however, there was no reliable way to change or increase the extent to which an individual did so. Simply put, people had no choice but to accept the pheromonal hand they were dealt.

Recently, however, that limitation has been lifted. Thanks to the diligence and innovation of some of the top scientists in the business, both the chemical compound at the heart of pheromones and the gene which they stimulate have now been identified. The result is that, for the first time, reliable synthetic pheromones can be created in a controlled laboratory and safely attained for personal use.

Mirroring Pheromone Attractants

The best synthetic human pheromones mirror the effects of natural pheromone attractants almost exactly. Used in moderation, these synthetics can now allow anyone to enhance their natural sex appeal without giving away the fact that they are doing so. That means that people will find you more appealing than ever--but they won't know why.

Who wouldn't want to increase their sex appeal in a subtle way? Now that it is so easy and affordable to attain a sexual edge, there is no reason to settle for anything less. After all, why keep the hand you have been dealt if you can now control the deck?

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