Pheromone Reviews

Written by Josh Dodes
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Even cursory pheromone reviews can reveal that not all synthetic pheromone concentrates are created equal. In fact, the differences between the most effective synthetics and those that simply do not measure up can be astonishing. The question is, how can you hope to tell the difference?

The most important thing to look for when you are shopping for a synthetic pheromone is the precision with which it is formulated. Reputable companies put a tremendous premium on the exact concentration of the pheromones they offer. And no wonder: a pheromonal concentrate that is too weak will be ineffective, and one that is too strong will be both offensive and obvious.

The Importance of Pheromone Reviews

This difference in precision cannot be overestimated. After all, if you are seeking a subtle way to increase your sex appeal, you need to make sure that the method you choose is both effective and imperceptible. Only synthetic pheromones that are formulated in laboratories that conform to ASTM and ISO standards can be trusted to get the job done every time.

Savvy consumers will seek out reliable pheromone reviews and make sure that they understand the differences at stake. With so much on the line, you do not want to take unnecessary chances. After all, when it comes to sex appeal, knowledge is truly power.

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