Pheromone Spray

Written by Scott Martin
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One of the easiest ways to use pheromones is with a pheromone spray. With bottle of pheromone spray all you have to do is spritz yourself and you are ready to go. I have found that this is my preferred way of using pheromones.

Convenience of Pheromone Spray

If you are like me and are always on the go, it is nice to have all your necessary toiletries with you. I carry a small bottle in my suit pocket and spritz myself whenever I need to. There is no need to carry a bulky bottle around when you have a petite bottle of pheromone spray with you.

Additionally, I find it nice to be able to control the amount of spray I am wearing. If I am going out dancing, I tend to wear two or three spritzes. However, if I am going to a business meeting, I may only spritz myself once.

If you look at an online pheromone store, you find a wide array of pheromone sprays. You can easily find one that will meet your lifestyle and your need to attract people. When looking for a pheromone spray, an reputable store is the way to go.

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