Sexual Supplements

Written by Jill Morrison
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Sexual supplements can improve libido and sexual performance for men and women. Prescription drugs, such as Viagra, have been available to men for years. Until recently, there weren’t many options for women with libido problems. Women tend to prefer natural supplement alternatives instead of taking prescription drugs. Plenty of herbal sexual supplements are available. Some are designed only for women or men, while others can be used by both sexes.

Types of Sexual Supplements

Believe it or not, multi-vitamins can be taken as sexual supplements. While they are generally intended for improving overall health, some vitamins can also improve sexual function. For instance, Vitamin A helps to maintain sexual hormone function for men and women. Vitamin B Complex increases testosterone levels for men and women, which fuels sexual drive. Vitamin C enables men and women to enjoy longer, more intense orgasms. Vitamin E is also valuable because it offsets the loss of estrogen in women and testosterone levels in men.

Phenyl ethylamine supplements are recommended for women because they only affect women and have no effect on men. Phenyl ethylamine naturally occurs in the brains of women when they feel love and attraction. After taking phenyl ethylamine orally, the chemical will take effect on the brain almost immediately. This chemical can also be found naturally in chocolate, which may be part of the reason that most women love to eat chocolate.

Zinc is another natural sexual supplement option. Zinc is essential for the production of testosterone. It primarily affects men, but women with low levels of zinc in their systems may experience poor lubrication for sex. Men who have low levels of zinc may experience a reduction in sex drive, potency, sperm count, and sexual health over time. Those who prefer eating right as opposed to taking supplements can find many foods that offer zinc. The daily requirement for zinc can be found in one oyster. Zinc is also present in foods such as turkey, lean beef, beans, cereals, and whole grains.

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