Volume Pills

Written by Samuel Wong
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Volume pills have become one of the hottest-selling herbal supplements on the market. These pills can increase the amount of semen that your body produces, resulting in orgasms that are more intense. Hundreds of websites sell these pills that claim to increase your volume up to 500 times the normal amount. Unfortunately, the majority of advertising for volume pills tends to exaggerate how much of an increase in volume you will experience.

Truthfully, if volume pills could make you ejaculate 500 times the amount you normally do, you wouldn't see testimonials filled with glowing reviews written by satisfied customers. You'd probably see letters from angry hotel maids and housewives who are usually the ones who have to clean up the resulting mess caused by 500 teaspoons of semen. As disheartening as it may sound, a 50000 percent increase in ejaculate is virtually impossible.

Stronger Orgasms with Volume Pills

With the more effective volume pills, you are likely to experience five to ten times the normal amount of ejaculate. While this may not create the bucketloads of semen you were hoping for, it will give you orgasmic contractions that are deeper and more intense. Either way, regular use of volume pills is likely to make you feel more virile and confident.

Companies who stand behind the volume pills they manufacture will offer a money-back guarantee. Many of the pills you see advertised on television and the Internet offer free trials and automatic reorders. What they fail to mention is that it can be difficult to cancel recurring orders regardless of how many pills you have already taken. Dependable companies will give you a full refund of the purchase price if their pills do not work for you.

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