Womens Sexual Supplements

Written by BK Shaw
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Women's sexual supplements are available for females who suffer from libido problems. These supplements were developed after Viagra was introduced for men with erectile dysfunction. Both men and women can suffer from sexual problems. It is more common in women than most would imagine. Women finally have supplement choices that can help them to boost their sexual drive.

Options of Women's Sexual Supplements

Women's sexual supplements are available by prescription or through natural tablets. Elixirs with special extracts are also available to women. It is important for women to realize that Viagra is only effective for men. Doctors can prescribe other types of drugs to help with women's libido issues. Many women prefer to take natural, herbal supplements to improve libido rather than prescription drugs.

Natural sexual supplements may contain a variety of herbs and other ingredients that stimulate libido. Ingredients such as arginine, ginseng, ginko biloba, catauba, and horny goat weed are commonly used in these supplements. Women can also take multi-vitamins or supplements that are known to increase sexual desire. These supplements may include damiana, wild yam, yohimbe, muira puama, maca, kelp, vitamin B complex and vitamin E.

Each ingredient in sexual supplements for women has a specific function. For instance, arginine promotes blood flow that is critical to sexual function. Ginko biloba is an antioxidant that also enhances circulation and increases the oxygen supply to the sexual organs and brain. Horny goat weed and muira puama can help to restore sexual desire, while wild yam and maca can give energy and vigor to sexual performance.

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