Advanced Comfort

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Advanced Comfort memory foam mattresses are just one of a number of different makes of visco-elastic mattresses that have appeared on the market in the wake of the huge success of Tempurpedic mattresses. Tempurpedic developed their product from licensed foam technology that was developed by NASA for the space program in 1971.

Although memory foam didn't hit the market for public use until the 1990s, it caught on very quickly. Lots of people are discovering that it really can make a tremendous difference for back and neck pain sufferers or anyone who has sleep problems. Advanced Comfort is one of the more successful memory foam mattress companies.

Better Than Advanced Comfort and Tempurpedic?

But that doesn't meant there aren't other memory foam mattress companies making equally good, or better memory foam mattresses and sometimes at better prices too. In fact, some companies have come up with a combination that includes memory foam but is said to be even better than the type of mattress made by Advanced Comfort using only memory foam, because it includes the features of other materials too. The combination of Latex and memory foam, for example, has been hailed by some to be unsurpassable.

The sheer numbers of companies producing products similar to Tempurpedic and Advanced Comfort mattresses tells us just how many people regularly suffer back and neck pain and sleep disorders. The fact that they are all more than ready to part with large sums of money to buy a bed that will help also tells us just how important restful sleep is to human beings.

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