Dormia Mattresses

Written by Patricia Skinner
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As a result of continued research following the success of the Tempurpedic memory foam mattress, a new breed of second generation memory foam mattresses has emerged. This new recipe uses a marriage of high quality Latex foam, topped by a layer of also-high-quality memory foam. Dormia mattresses are not the only ones to have adopted this successful formula, and though they are good, they may not be the best.

Chances are, if you're looking at the possibility of buying Dormia mattresses or something like them, chances are you're looking for a solution to back or neck pain, or insomnia. Memory foam has a great track record at providing individuals with a remarkable degree of relief. A great many users of memory foam mattresses have reported sleeping better than they had for years within a very short time of getting a memory foam mattress, so there's very little doubt that quality memory foam is worth getting.

Dormia Mattresses and Others

But there's the rub. In fact there are a number of mattresses of similar construction to Dormia, and several of them are considerably cheaper. But they're not all the same quality by any means. Poor quality memory foam does not have a very good "memory" which means it won't have much of the specific qualities you're buying it for, and in addition it begins to break down very quickly, losing what little supportive quality it had to begin with.

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