Eclipse Mattress

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The Eclipse mattress company describes itself as the most innovative bedding company. They offer several completely different ranges of sleep systems, including the traditional and the innovative. In keeping with traditional bed buying rules, the Eclipse company recommends that anyone with back trouble should choose a firm mattress. As they say, people with back pain are most comfortable on a firm or extra firm bed.

This aside, the kind of Eclipse mattress you choose is largely a matter of preference. There are also plush and pillow top beds, and even the latest innovation, memory foam mattresses. For those who enjoy activities such as reading and watching TV in bed, Eclipse also offer a range of adjustable beds.

A Pillow Top Eclipse Mattress?

A traditional firm to extra firm Eclipse mattress with a pillow top is arguably the best of both worlds as far as beds go. Along with firmness for healthy support, the pillow top also provides the luxurious padding that makes a bed really comfortable to sink into. Another advantage to pillow tops is that often the pillow top can be replaced, while retaining the mattress for longer use.

Eclipse memory foam mattresses are great for anyone who suffers circulation problems or joint pain because they disperse body weight across a greater surface area. This provides comfort as well as relief from pain. Many buyers also go for memory foam because it is antimicrobial and antibacterial. This can be a very valuable asset if your home is prone to dampness.

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