Healthy Sleep

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For many of us, healthy sleep is an elusive dream that we spend much of our lives trying to achieve. Many factors can affect the amount and quality of sleep that we enjoy, and once we're not getting it any more, we tend to regard anyone who is as "someone who doesn't understand." Because in reality, you never realize what refreshing, healthy sleep is until you can't get it!

In order to achieve healthy sleep then, many of us will have to make some adjustments in our lives. To begin with, creating the right atmosphere in the bedroom can help tremendously. The temperature should be right. Ideally this would be several degrees cooler than you would set the thermostat for you sitting room, because too much heat is definitely not conducive to healthy sleep!

Healthy Sleep and Ritual

Then, it's important to create a sleep ritual and make every effort to avoid stressful or stimulating activities in the bedroom. A horror movie just before lights out, for example, is not going to have you breathing deeply and peacefully! Eating heavily just before bed is a bad idea too. If you're hungry try the tried and tested glass of milk. It's not just an old wives tale; the tryptophan in milk really can facilitate healthy sleep.

If you are in pain, then it's important to take steps to find out what's causing it, if you don't know. Once that's established, do everything you can to get your body running smoothly and pain free. Pain is actually one of the greatest barriers to healthy sleep. Oh, and a word about sleeping tablets. They are fine when used occasionally, and we all have times when their use is expedient. But in general, sleeping tablets will not provide you with the kind of healthy sleep on which your body can thrive, so it's vital that you try and find healthy alternatives, such as soothing music, a warm (not hot) bath, and that good old glass of warm milk!

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