Latex Foam Mattresses

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Many people are under the mistaken impression that Latex foam mattresses are a synthetic sleeping alternative. In fact, Latex foam is an all-natural substance that qualifies as contribution to a healthy environment for us and our families for a number of intriguing reasons. Just so we're clear on this point, Latex is a product of nature. It is the milky sap of the rubber tree found in Africa, South Asia, South America, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

If you're thinking of buying Latex foam mattresses because you or someone in the family has allergies, it's important to make sure that the product you buy is 100 percent Latex. Some firms now incorporate other, artificial substances into their Latex foam mattresses, and obviously this means that sometimes they have the same properties as artificial foam mattresses.

Talalay Latex Foam Mattresses

Talalay Latex is just one example of Latex foam that has synthetic additives. In fact, Talalay Latex is 30 percent synthetic. So if you're intent on creating a 100 percent natural environment for yourself, You need to be aware of that. However, having said that, Talalay Latex has some pretty remarkable properties, that many health enthusiasts will consider outweigh the fact that it's not strictly speaking a 100 percent natural product.

For one thing Latex foam mattresses made from Talalay Latex last longer than ordinary foam mattresses. They also exhibit a more uniform consistency throughout, and indeed this was one of the main reasons for developing Talalay Latex. Three variations of Talalay latex foam mattresses are available; soft, medium and firm.

Of perhaps even more importance, Talalay Latex has facilitated the manufacture of specially constructed Latex foam mattresses. Their special cell structure means that they have more enhanced health properties. There are no other fillers or shortcuts, and the resulting foam has the same properties as pure Latex, only more so!

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