Mattresses And Sleep Systems

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Have you ever thought how much effect mattresses can have on our lives? If you don't suffer from back pain or any sleep problems, you probably never even give it a thought. But if you are suffering, you're probably doing a little research to try to solve your problems!

It's a fact that we spend almost a third of our lives in bed. So you'd think we'd all be well aware of how important it is that our beds and mattresses are healthy, comfortable places to support our bodies for this extended period of time. Yet when it comes to choosing mattress, most of us give it far less time than buying a lawnmower! When you think about it, mattresses can literally have a profound effect on our lives, so it makes sense that we should give them at least the same level of consideration that we happily give the purchase of a car!

Give a Little Thought to Mattresses

Far too many of us are sleeping on bagging, sagging mattresses that not only don't support us, but that may even be harboring bugs that could be affecting our health too. How many of us suffer allergies, and never stop to think that the cause, or at least part of it, could be the mattresses we are sleeping on!

Although traditionally made coil spring and horsehair mattresses are still the #1 type of mattresses sold anywhere, modern technology has given us some very interesting options. You can now get mattresses made of memory foam. This has some rather remarkable health properties. Sometimes also called visco-elastic foam, memory foam automatically adjusts itself to your body weight and temperature.

Memory Foam is a Great Alternative

This means that memory foam can offer everyone complete, luxurious rest because it supports the body the way it needs to be supported. The worst thing you can do to your back is sleep on a mattress that is too soft and dipping in the middle. Over time, it will almost certainly cause back problems. If you already suffer from back problems, you can expect them to worsen unless you do something drastic like buying new mattresses.

Latex foam mattresses are another option. This is another first choice for back pain sufferers because it offers a little more support than most conventional mattresses. The latest kind of latex foam mattresses are made from a special kind of latex that has unique channels in it for improved comfort and a healthier sleeping environment.

Taking Care of Mattresses

Your mattress is an investment, and you should learn to take care of it properly so that it serves you well. There is a way of caring for mattresses, once we've taken the correct amount of time to pick the right one for us, that will help keep them a healthy, sanitary place to get our daily rest, and will also help to ensure that they last for as long as they're supposed to. You should never sleep on your new mattress without first covering it with a sheet and at least one other layer to protect it from dust and spills.

A proper mattress protector is ideal, because it will prevent dust from getting a foothold. Apart from the fact that it feeds dust mites and even bed bugs, dust can actually start to cause wear on your foam mattress over time, so beware. In addition, we are all guilty of drinking tea or coffee in bed at some time or another, and it's all too easy to have an accident! It's far easier to protect your expensive mattress than try to clean it later.

Taking Care of the Details

Then there are the accessories that together with good mattresses can help to create the comfortable, welcoming atmosphere that can make the bedroom a place where we can get regular, deep satisfying sleep. The first step in this process is to learn to leave your cares at the bedroom door. Of course, it's a lot easier said than done. But routine is key to this trick.

In addition, make sure that you don't take work to bed. If you have difficulty sleeping, think about keeping the TV out of your bedroom. There should be nothing but cozy, comfortable soft furnishings, and your chosen bed. Make sure that the room is well aired, and neither too hot nor too cold. Ambient temperature is very important to us when we're settling down to sleep.

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