Memory Foam Mattresses

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Most of us pretty much ignored the advent of memory foam mattresses. After all, we'd all been conditioned to disregard foam of any kind as a mattress option, right? But now, you might have been tempted to sit up and take notice if you've noticed how many reputable firms are now dealing in memory foam mattresses. It should also ring some bells when we realize how many of the big names in traditional mattresses are hurriedly incorporating memory foam "pillow tops" into their bed designs.

So what's so special about memory foam mattresses? Well, memory foam is a new technology in foam that responds to your individual body weight and temperature. This means that memory foam mattresses are self adjusting and provide everyone with just the right level of comfort and support. Memory foam can actually do this without any mechanical help, and with no expensive and complicated inner construction.

Memory Foam Mattresses for Medical Use

So successful is this new invention at giving human beings a really comfortable night's sleep that many surgeons are recommending that their patients at least get a memory foam pillow top for their existing mattresses, if they can't get memory foam mattresses, for the weeks following surgery. Now what better endorsement than that? Everyone knows that the weeks following surgery are critical for many patients, and memory foam is the best answer to keep patients comfortable.

But that's not all. Memory foam mattresses have been around long enough that there are now plenty of satisfied customers that can attest to the difference memory foam has made to their lives. Backache and sleep problems can create a problem that crowds out the joy of our lives. If you feel you need to do something about your sleep problems, give memory foam mattresses a test drive and see what you think.

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