Pure Touch Latex Mattress

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The Pure Touch latex mattress range is fairly new on the market, produced by a company called Therapedic and launched in 2002. Pure touch is the natural latex alternative to their memory foam option, Memory Touch. Therapedic products are proving very popular with customers because, say the owners, they think about their products from the customer's point of view, rather than from a manufacturing point of view.

Due to expert design and careful planning, Pure Touch latex mattresses are reckoned to be the best of their class on the market. The makers actually claimed that this exceptional mattress has "defined a category." If you like the idea of owning the best in its class, then it will be worth taking a look at Pure Touch.

Meeting Demands with Pure Touch Latex Mattresses

Pure Touch latex mattresses are designed to meet the demands of even the most discerning customer. They are firm, supportive and yet deliciously soft to the touch. Latex is a unique natural material that is actually inherently resistant to mold, bacteria and bugs. Bugs hate it because latex is not a friendly environment for them, although it most definitely is a friendly environment for us humans.

The Therapedic company is rightfully proud of the success they've had with the Pure Touch latex mattresses line. What it means basically is that, if it's so popular, they must have got the specifications right. For someone who is set on having a mattress that is comfortable, yet made from largely natural materials, this is an option worth investigating.

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