Supreme Sleep

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The Sealy Supreme Sleep baby mattress is one of the most popular infant mattresses for good reason. It is extremely durable, which is great if you're planning on more than one child, yet it is very comfortable too. Obviously this will be a prime consideration for parents who are interested in getting as much sleep as possible.

Some parents are tempted to opt for a cheaper foam mattress for their young children, assuming that this is likely to be all the support they need. Others realize that a proper spring mattress is likely to get baby's sleep patterns off to a good start, and will ensure that tiny, developing limbs get all the support they need. There are other reasons too, why a Supreme Sleep mattress may be the perfect first mattress for your baby.

Supreme Sleep is Fully Sprung

This is a fully-sprung coil mattress for long lasting support. Although you may think this is not so important to have springs, as baby doesn't weigh very much, remember that baby is likely to do a lot of bouncing around on his mattress, so it should be as robust as possible. As you would expect, the Supreme Sleep mattress cover is also very hardwearing and even waterproof. No need to explain to anyone why this is necessary!

The triple laminate cover that is standard with a Supreme Sleep mattress encases a layer of Perma Foam which is not only nonallergenic, it is also very soft to support baby as if on a cloud. Sleep is important to all of us, and even very young children are no exception. A well rested child is generally also a happy child, so ensuring baby's comfort while sleeping could have very positive effects on your household.

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