Viscoelastic Mattresses

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Now after a few years of Tempurpedic having the field more-or-less to themselves regarding the production of viscoelastic mattresses, it seems that everyone is now producing them. It's important to realize that, when all's said and done you basically get what you pay for. While it's possible and practical to expect to find viscoelastic mattresses for less than you'd pay for a Tempurpedic, if you go too low you're probably getting junk.

The difficulty with the manufacture of foam for viscoelastic mattresses is getting the viscosity right along with the materials lasting properties. Too often, manufacturers get it wrong. Either they get the tension right but their version doesn't last and begins to deteriorate far too quickly, or it lasts OK but doesn't support the body anything like the original material.

Good Viscoelastic Mattressses

However, a few firms have got the production of viscoelastic mattresses just right. Look out for them. They're not cheap, but they're affordable and a lot cheaper than Tempurpedic viscoelastic mattresses. In fact, some of us prefer other makes of viscoelastic foam to that of Tempurpedic because they are slightly softer. This can be an advantage.

If you are a comfort connoisseur, look out for viscoelastic mattresses that also feature a layer of Latex foam. The combination is supremely comfortable and healthy, being both mold and mildew resistant and also antimicrobial. Viscoelastic mattresses have a lot of desirable properties and they are an excellent choice for anyone who is frail or elderly as they protect the body, eliminating pressure points so that bed sores don't develop.

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