Written by Liza Hartung
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Some people understand the importance of exfoliating. Few people actually do it on a regular basis. Whether or not you go to a spa, you should exfoliate your skin about once a week. People with skin conditions may be able to exfoliate more often, but should check with a dermatologist first. Using a body scrub with light exfoliates in the shower is a good idea. It's your face that should be exfoliated once a week.

As you go about your day, many particles accumulate on your skin. Layers of your skin die every day, but not all of it falls off until you do something about it. Pollution, especially here in Los Angeles, causes much damage to the skin. In order to keep your skin smooth and free of excess bad stuff, you want to make sure that exfoliating is part of your weekly skin routine.

Explaining Exfoliation!

For the ultimate in exfoliation treatment, you should go to a spa. They will have treatments for the face and body that will do wonders in terms of exfoliation. Even if people are good about their faces, they tend to neglect important places like the knees, elbows, and soles of the feet. For those who are still questioning the importance of exfoliating, let me give you a little analogy.

Let's say you just cooked something in a frying pan, like a hamburger. When you are done with the pan, you put it in water to soak. When you empty the water, you find that there is still a layer of grime that you can only remove by scrubbing. Would you put this pan back in the cupboard before scrubbing off the grime? If you don't exfoliate, that's what you are doing to your face. You are washing it, but not really getting off the grime.

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