Fat Reduction In New York

Written by Rylee Newton
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Fat reduction in New York has taken a surprising turn. New York has always been the center of fashion, culture, and cosmetic aesthetics. For this reason, new trends nearly always begin in New York, and the rest of the country (and world) follows suit. In the ´80s and ´90s, liposuction was the primary method of fat reduction in New York. This went along with the whole canon of cosmetic surgery, including face, brow, and neck lifts.

However, New York has led the way for the new wave of noninvasive cosmetic therapies -- chief among them, fat reduction. Fat reduction in New York still includes the ever-popular liposuction. However, this surgical technique is highly invasive and has always run serious risks and complications. For this reason, many surgeons are counseling patients to put off liposuction and instead opt for endermologie.

More about Fat Reduction in New York

Invented by French scientists, endermologie is only about 12 years old, but it's stood the world of plastic surgery on its head because, as it uses no knives or incisions, it is completely noninvasive. Endermologie employs the method of deep epidermal massage to painlessly but powerfully knead the bloated, toxin-loaded and cellulite-ridden fat tissue beneath the skin.

This kneading action breaks down bonded fat cells that have clumped together and puckered underneath the skin, trapping fluids in the process. These clumps of fat cells are effectively smoothed out, while the trapped water and toxins are allowed to drain out through the lymphatic system. The result is not only a healthier, toxin-free epidermis, but also firmer, smoother contours and, of course, reduction in cellulite. For many, the results of this technique alone are enough ... and a lot less expensive.

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