Gift Certificates

Written by Scott Martin
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Gift certificates take the headache out of the gift-giving process. First of all, gift certificates show thought and care by demonstrating your appreciation of the recipient. Furthermore, gift certificates give the recipient the chance to actually go out and do something--rather than simply adding to their collection of unused gifts.

Especially if you happen to be purchasing a gift for a close friend or spouse, gift certificates allow an opportunity for one-on-one time. This time can foster the relationship between you and this person, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Of course, half of the battle is choosing a gift certificate that truly means something to the recipient.

Choosing the Right Gift Certificates

While gift certificates certainly do make perfect gifts, the level of perfection they attain depends on the vendor you choose. For instance, while we all most certainly can use gift certificates to bookstores, these gifts only mean something if the recipient is a terrific bookworm. If you find yourself seeking a unique gift certificate for someone you care for, you might consider a spa or day spa excursion.

One of my closest friends was going through a difficult time in her life, having just lost her father and given birth to twins. When I appeared at her baby shower, I decided to give her a gift certificate for treatments at a local day spa. She was ecstatic--and could finally take much-needed time for herself, her well-being, and state of mind.

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