Hot Rock Massage

Written by Liza Hartung
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Hot rock massage is similar to regular massage. However, massage with hot rocks has more healing properties than regular massage. In fact, licensed medical doctors and chiropractors have been known to send patients to get hot rock treatments. Hot rock therapy has been around for centuries. Aside from the deep relaxation that comes from it, people have seen benefits in many other areas.

Injuries are aided in healing by hot rock massage. Pain is lessened. Posture is straightened. Coordination and range of motion are improved. Not only that, but people have reported increases in energy and mental sharpness. In this form of massage, smooth stones are heated to around 120 degrees and placed at various points on the body. The rocks help to soften tissue and loosen muscles.

Not only do you get an instant sensation of letting go of tension, your therapist is able to give a more thorough and deeper massage. Once the stones are in place, your therapist will use them for your massage. We all know that taking a hot bath is one way to calm down and let go. Imagine, then, hot rocks being placed on your body under the supervision of a trained professional. The rocks provide heat as well as pressure.

Hot Rock Massage vs. Regular Massage

You really have to experience hot rock massage to understand the calming and healing effects it can have on the human body and spirit. It is also very centering. The weight of the rocks allows you to focus on places of tension and thus assists in letting it go. Try to clear your mind during this treatment. If you find that you have to think of something, put your thoughts on your body being cleansed of toxins caused by stress.

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Yes I have experienced it my self that hot rock massage has more healing properties. After massage when Massage therapist use hot rock and put them on triger points then it feels more calm.