Los Angeles Couples Massage

Written by Liza Hartung
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I don't know many couples who would pass up an invitation for Los Angeles couples massage. Sure, some men may scoff, but that will last for about 15 seconds into the massage. Actually, if you are in a really great spa where they take care of you from the moment you walk in, any scoffing could end at that point. Couples massage is a way for the two of you to be treated like a king and queen.

Many people will do couples massage while on vacation. My friends got it done on their honeymoon in Tahiti. My parents enjoyed the day in a spa in Italy. Do you know who loved it the most? The men did. Of course, the women loved it as well. However, you don't have to go on vacation to experience something so glamorous, intimate and soothing together. Many spas in Los Angeles have packages specifically for couples.

Los Angeles Couples Massage Set-Ups

You can find spas that have separate rooms for couples. Most rooms are made for one client. However, the couples rooms have two beds, baths or whatever is necessary. Since the mood is to be romantic, you can find spas that light scented candles. I know of a spa that has an outdoor cabana for its couples. Some places will offer wine or champagne while the two of you soak in an aromatherapy bath.

If you are ever looking for a great wedding, engagement or anniversary gift, Los Angeles couples massage is it. I know people usually have registries for weddings. However, sometimes it's fun to stray from the list and get something unexpected. A day of pampering and romance for the happy couple is never a bad idea.

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