Los Angeles Health Spas

Written by Liza Hartung
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When you're feeling a little depressed, a little down, a little stressed or a little yucky all around, make a trip to Los Angeles health spas. They are the perfect medicine for all these draining feelings. Health spas have more than the typical massages, facials and body wraps. They usually have juice bars and places to have lunch. They take care of you outside and inside. In fact, some health spas offer colonics, light therapy or lymphatic drainage.

Sometimes you need more than just a massage. You need the massage, don't get me wrong, but you're just feeling a little off inside as well. Maybe you haven't been eating very healthy lately. Maybe you had a late night of pizza, ice cream and drinks. When you need a quick stress-relieving treatment and a quick detox of the body, Los Angeles health spas are where it's at.

Los Angeles Health Spas and You

You will find all kinds of treatments to make you feel healthier and less stressed when you check out Los Angeles health spas. Some of the treatments will be aromatherapy. There are aromatherapy baths that have salts in them that help you wind down or give you more energy. You may get a facial that consists of aromatherapy oils. Sometimes your therapist will put an aromatherapy pillow around your neck.

With some treatments, you can pick the essential oils that are used in your aromatherapy. You may pick scents because you like them or because of certain healing properties. For instance, peppermint helps headaches. Bergamot, rose, cedar wood and others help with anxiety. If you need a little confidence boost, try grapefruit, jasmine or orange. Your therapist should be able to guide you if you like.

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