Los Angeles Massage

Written by Liza Hartung
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When residing in Los Angeles, massage can become a necessary part of life. Despite its California location, Los Angeles is not a particularly laid-back town. The traffic alone can build up enough tension to necessitate a good Los Angeles massage. Luckily, there are many wonderful spa facilities throughout the Los Angeles area where you can experience a first-class massage.

My first Los Angeles massage experience was a wonderful one. The moment I stepped into the spa, the world started to recede. There were wind chimes and wood instruments tinkling in the background; the ambiance was reminiscent of a Greek bathhouse; the spa was decorated in soothing greens and sand tones and was lit by soft, low lighting. I immediately felt the realities of traffic and bills and stress melting away into the background.

There are many different types of massages, and no two spas' menus are alike. I particularly favor deep tissue massage, as it relieves even the deepest muscle tension. Other types of massages include Swedish massage, warm stone massage, prenatal massage, because pregnant women need to relax too, and many, many more.

The Cost of a Los Angeles Massage

Prices will differ slightly depending on which spa you go to or what type of massage you get, but most hour long Swedish massages are between $75 and $100 and a basic deep tissue massage is somewhere between $85-$120. If you have to pay significantly more or less for a basic massage, you are probably getting ripped off. A cheaper massage may be given in a room without good insulation, which means your relaxation may be interrupted by people talking and honking horns. On the other hand, don't assume just because your paying a lot you will receive an excellent massage. As with most things, it pays to do your research, and online you will find many excellent spa websites that will provide detailed information on the treatments and accommodations a given spa offers.

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