Los Angeles Prenatal Massage

Written by Liza Hartung
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Los Angeles prenatal massage is a wonderful gift or personal day for the pregnant women. Men, if you can't stand the crankiness, send your lady to get a prenatal massage. Women who have expanding bellies go thorough periods of self-image adjustment. This doesn't mean that women hate what they look like. It just means that they have never been this big. Massage is something that helps women with this issue.

Los Angeles prenatal massage is being found in more and more spas and even in hospitals. There are a lot of changes that a woman's body goes through in a short amount of time. There are also a lot of pains. Women get swollen feet and legs, back pain and possibly hernia or hemorrhoids. A massage is something that every pregnant woman could use and would love.

What's Involved with Los Angeles Prenatal Massage

Women who receive prenatal massage lie on their side, supported with special pillows and bolsters on the massage bed. Pregnant women getting massage will generally not lie on their backs.

If a woman lies on her back after the 22nd week of pregnancy, there is serious strain on blood vessels that can limit blood circulation to both the woman and her child. Los Angeles prenatal massage assists in improving the movements of the joints and muscles. Circulation is obviously increased. Women will feel more energetic when they leave their prenatal massage. Also, postnatal massage is recommended, as it is often the best of therapies in reducing body swelling and water retention.

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