Los Angeles Spa Manicures

Written by Liza Hartung
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Los Angeles spa manicures are offered at many different spas within the city. I am, of course, exaggerating, but not too much. I can barely drive two miles without passing a manicure parlor. Some places, obviously, do a better job than others do. If you just want a quick nail fix to feel a little prettier and get those vine-like cuticles out of the way, go ahead and get a cheap one. You don't want to go too cheap, though.

I hate when I finally treat myself to a manicure and I sit down, all ready to get gorgeous nails, and the lady starts filing my nails with what feels like a rusty saw. Talk about damaging those precious talons! You want to find a place that will do a good job and treat you like the paying customer you are. You don't want someone who can't wait to be done so they can either get on to their next client or head to lunch. Find the best Los Angeles spa manicures that you can afford.

Luxurious Los Angeles Spa Manicures

There are some manicures, though, that will make you feel you are the most beautiful person to ever walk the planet. These involve special lotions, hand and arm massages and a lot of TLC. The really good Los Angeles spa manicures will take about 50 to 60 minutes. First, you will soak your hands and lower arms, usually in some special water consisting of essential oils, bath salts and some flair from the spa.

The aroma of the soak will relax you. The soak itself will soften your skin and cuticles. After soaking, a great manicure will then go to exfoliation. This is where you slough off all the dead skin on your hands and prepare to have the softest set of hands you've ever felt. Then, a hydrating mask may be applied, followed by wax and a hand massage. You'll top it all off with beautifully polished nails to show off your improved hands!

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