New York Cosmetic Aesthetics

Written by Rachel Arieff
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New York cosmetic aesthetics include the latest in safe and cutting-edge techniques to enhance your personal appearance. These include time-honored approaches such as the good old facial, as well as updates on this technique: the photo facial, which uses gentle, pulsating light to stimulate collagen production. In fact, the photo facial is a good example of the kind of holistic, body-friendly techniques that define today's New York cosmetic aesthetics.

Other examples of New York cosmetic aesthetics include endermologie, a deep tissue massage technique that's been proven effective in fighting cellulite; ultrasound, which uses high-level sound waves to stimulate circulation in skin tissue; and microdermabrasion, a technique that delivers a spray of sterile, finely ground crystals to the skin's surface to promote rejuvenation.

New York Cosmetic Aesthetics and You

Still other cosmetic techniques are offered by New York cosmetic clinics. These include chemical or acid peels, which consist of an application of glycolic acid to the skin through a series of professionally controlled treatments. Peels deeply exfoliate the skin, delivering very noticeable results in the form of younger, smoother, and more evenly toned skin. In fact, acne, wrinkles, and age spots respond quite well to peels.

Continuing in the line of more aggressive anti-aging therapies, we have injections and fillers. These include animal-based collagen, new synthetic fillers such as Restylane, and the ever-popular Botox. Collagen and Restylane are injected into folds and wrinkles in the skin and plump them up, effectively minimizing signs of age. Botox isn't a filler material, but rather a freezing agent that paralyze the muscles that contribute to laugh lines and crow's feet.

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