New York Photo Rejuvenation

Written by Rylee Newton
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New York photo rejuvenation is one of the most fascinating new advancements in the field of personal cosmetic improvement. It utilizes carefully controlled pulses of light to gently deliver a vibrating massage to the skin's surface. This therapy is completely safe, doesn't abrade or penetrate the skin's surface in any way, and is completely painless. Some patients even enjoy the sensation of the wand moving across their skin.

Through the vibrating massage, New York photo rejuvenation stimulates the layers of the skin as well as the facial muscles. This stimulation occurs at a deep cellular level, causing the subcutaneous skin cells to increase their production of collagen. Collagen is the dewy, elastic substance in the skin that keeps it looking soft, firm, and young. Its disappearance is the primary cause of sagging, wrinkling, aging skin.

Benefits of New York Photo Rejuvenation

In essence, New York photo rejuvenation is a painless and far more pleasant alternative to collagen injections. Because it causes the skin itself to produce the collagen, painful injections can be avoided. It's a holistic rather than evasive method; working with the body rather than against it. This is one reason this therapy is so popular. With four to six recommended treatments, it's a quicker, less painful alternative.

Photo therapy also enables you to avoid the temporary but weird-looking side effects that are common with collagen injections, such as pain, swelling, and redness. In the mean time, you can say goodbye to your brown spots, broken capillaries, enlarged pores, and other blemishes. The end result of your photo rejuvenation treatments is more evenly toned, glowing and younger looking skin.

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