New York Sclerotherapy

Written by Rylee Newton
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New York sclerotherapy offers effective solutions for common vein problems: dilated capillaries (or "spider veins"), varicose veins, and other vascular lesions such as blood spots. As we get older, our skin shows more signs of wear and tear. Unsightly vein irregularities are one of these signs. In fact, vein problems can get so bad that, out of embarrassment, we may no longer want to wear shorts or bathing suits in public.

In the past, covering up was pretty much the only option available. However, things have changed considerably since then. Thanks to safe, accurate, and pain-reducing laser therapy, these ugly vein outbreaks can be eliminated for good. Though it can't all be accomplished in the first visit, New York sclerotherapy offers lasting results within only a few treatments.

How New York Sclerotherapy Works

New York is the cultural center of America. It's also the place to find the latest, F.D.A.-approved therapies performed by the some of the finest doctors in the country. It's only natural that sclerotherapy services in New York are among the best in the nation. Laser sclerotherapy has been proven effective not only against varicose and spider veins, but also other kinds of vascular problems.

Among these are blood spots, which are harmless but unsightly bright red bumps on the skin, and skin tags, which look like warts. New York sclerotherapy utilizes the latest in laser technology to zap these errant vascular structures, leaving the skin clear and smooth. It also causes less pain and discomfort, while greatly reducing recovery time.

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