Written by Mary Martin
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Spas offer a perfect place to get away from it all! Visit one of these refuges to pamper yourself and take a much needed break from work problems and family stresses. You'll leave feeling refreshed and better able to face everyday life.

Different Kinds Of Spas

Before you head off for a relaxing getaway you need to decide which kind of spa would best suit your needs. You might choose a day spa, a destination spa, a wellness spa that addresses individual health issues, including weight loss, or a resort spa. Go online to research these alternatives.

A day spa is a good choice if you don't have much time to spare. Spend several hours or the whole day enjoying a massage, facial and other spa treatments. A day spa may be freestanding, or it may be affiliated with a salon, a health club, a department store, or even a cruise ship.

If you choose a destination spa, resort spa or wellness spa, you will stay probably stay in accommodations on the spa grounds overnight or up to several weeks. The programs may include all the offerings of day spas and much more. Look online for spa package deals and for weekend spa vacations.

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