Warm Stone Massage

Written by Liza Hartung
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Warm stone massage is the same thing as hot rock massage. Some spas just prefer to call it one name to the other. It is a method of massage where smooth stones, no bigger than 2 inches in diameter, are placed on strategic spots of the body. Some say the stones should be heated to 120 degrees. Others say the temperature should never go over 115 degrees. As long as you have chosen a reputable spa for your treatment, you are most likely in good hands.

Warm stone massage allows your body to relax more fully than through other types of massage. This is due to the heat. The benefits of hot rock massage have been known for centuries. The rocks take advantage of the body's reaction to heat. In some cases, such as for decongestion or muscle repair, hot and cold rocks will be alternated on the body.

Why Warm Stone Massage Is So Great

Not only does the heat instantly relax your body, mind and spirit, there are many other health benefits as well. Vitality is restored. There is an increase in the range of motion of muscles. People claim to have increased energy. Mental sharpness in increased. For those who have worries about posture and coordination, warm stone massage will assist greatly.

Even doctors and chiropractors are sending patients to receive hot rock massage. On top of that, oncology departments in hospitals are now starting to offer this type of massage. It has been seen to help the side effects of cancer such as nausea and insomnia. If it can do that for cancer patients, imagine what it can do for those who are healthy.

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