Meditation And Stress Relief

Written by James Lyons
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As I mentioned in the previous section, meditation and stress relief are not mutually exclusive. An overwhelming number of those who meditate contend with less stress than those who do not meditate. Consequently, those who meditate typically have fewer health problems and a greater quality of life.

Take a close look at your day and look at all the time you waste-in your car, waiting in lines, watching television, surfing the Internet, staring into space wondering how to pay your rent bill. I don't believe you should cut all these things out of your life because many of them help you "come down" from your hectic days and effectively aid in reducing mental stress. However, cutting down on some of these activities or learning to take advantage of the time you spend in your cars or waiting in lines, creates a nice chunk of time for you to work on you.

Use Your Time Wisely and Incorporate Meditation and Stress Relief Techniques

For those of you who like to use the "time excuse," there are plenty of opportunities under your nose for you to make some positive changes in your life. The beauty of meditation is that you can literally do it anywhere. Find the places you experience the most anxiety and stress and incorporate some form of meditation.

When you watch television, every fifteen minutes or so, you have the opportunity to use meditation and stress relief ideas. Unless you are watching one of the movie channels, every fifteen minutes there's a commercial break. Most of us either ignore the commercials or change the channel. Instead, use the time to meditate for a couple of minutes so you can more fully enjoy your program when it comes back on.

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