Music And Stress Relief

Written by Beth Marlin Lichter
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It is widely believed that the psyche and the body both benefit from listening to music. Daily life is filled with stressors. High levels of tension and anxiety can raise blood pressure and cause a myriad of side-effects, including irritability, the inability to concentrate, loss of appetite or the compulsion to binge, and depression. The immune system can easily become compromised when stress is prevalent, and illnesses are more common.

Something as simple as listening to music, can restore a sense of well-being and calm the body down. Do you wake up to an alarm, feeling tense and jarred out of sleep? Try waking to a soothing, mellow type of music, maybe a jazz station on your radio, or a cd that makes you feel happy.

Commuting to work can be a frustrating affair. Where’s your iPod? Shut out the chaos by choosing something upbeat, energizing, getting you ready for the day ahead. Use it as a background for thinking about what you want to get accomplished. Anxiety about an upcoming appointment or meeting can be reduced by listening to music that inspires and makes you feel confident and secure. If you walk through the door with a smile on your face, it just might be infectious!

Common household chores such as cleaning or paying bills become much more palatable, when accompanied by your favorite music. Do you have satellite radio? Choose a genre you wouldn’t normally be interested in and expose yourself to new sounds.

Then, of course, there is bedtime and anticipation of a much-needed good night’s sleep. A few songs performed by your favorite artist might be all you need to listen to, in order to drift off peacefully. Harness the power of music and perhaps increase your ability to cruise through each day, a little bit more light-hearted.

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