New Thought

Written by James Lyons
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Over a century old, the New Thought movement is a take on spirituality that promotes fullness of all aspects of living, through constructive thinking, meditating, and other ways of realizing the presence of God. New Thought includes Unity, Religious Science (Science of Mind), Divine Science, and other groups and individuals.

It has no one creed, but resembles idealistic philosophical traditions of all ages and places, specifically Eastern philosophies. It is mostly Christian in background, but has aligned with other religions. This movement continues to develop theoretically, educationally, and structurally.

More Background on New Thought

This sect is an all-encompassing term for various beliefs that stress experiencing God's company for practical reasons, like healing and success. Examples of New Thought include Unity, Religious Science, and Divine Science. Followers essentially believe there is one God (Universal Mind, creative intelligence, omnipresent) and this God is, in effect, a principle, not a being. an impersonal force that manifests itself

To those who subscribe to this, they believe that God is an impartial force that reveals itself personally, perfectly, and equally within everyone. The entire universe, the people and everything else in it, are expressions of God. There is no beginning and no end and no original sin, only mistakes made due to unawareness of one's true nature, which is God.

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