Personal Relaxation Techniques

Written by James Lyons
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The importance of establishing some effective personal relaxation techniques cannot be overstated. How many of you find yourself constantly wishing the stress would go away, constantly waiting for the week to end, constantly trying to get through some hectic stretch of time so you can sit back and relax? I lived this way for approximately fourteen years, and finally ended up strapped to a hospital bed having a massive panic attack.

I was an educated, sociable, fun-loving, seemingly well-adjusted man living in New York City. I ate what I wanted, exercised when I felt like it (usually when I was single), never meditated or tried Yoga, and used the Manhattan bars as my means of stress relief. Life seemed great until I found myself in the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack. My blood pressure when I entered the emergency room was 220/180.

Take It from Me, You NEED to Employ Personal Relaxation Techniques

Bottom line: if the body and mind hold on to stress, you will pay for it at some point down the road. Life catches up to you when you least expect it, but life can work for you if you decide to value it. Consistent exercise, meditation, and a healthy diet all work together to help you relax.

Exercise works off stress and helps your mind and body reach a state of deep relaxation. Eating healthy gives your body a chance to recuperate from the day's many activities. Meditation does all of the above. Meditation prevents stress, castigates existing stress, and helps the mind ward off future stress. Sound good? Then take some initiative and look incorporate some worthwhile personal relaxation techniques.

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