Spiritual And Personal Growth

Written by James Lyons
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The result of your meditation should include spiritual and personal growth in addition to anxiety relief and stress relief. I alluded to this in the previous section (Spiritual Growth), but did not expound upon the idea of "personal growth." It is important to note that spiritual growth and personal growth are not mutually exclusive things-with one comes the other.

All philosophies of meditation originate from one idea: the total universe is comprised of one all-inclusive energy, intelligent and attentive, existing for eternity as the source of everything. There is nothing outside of this energy because it is complete, and because of its completeness, this energy is free from fear and want. At this point you might be thinking, "What in the heck is this person writing about?" In a nutshell, everything in nature is connected and the more in touch we get with that energy, the happier, the more complete, the more peaceful we will all be.

A Little More on Spiritual and Personal Growth

From the time when we are infants, we are conditioned to "not" do things, to fear certain things, to behave in a specific way. Much of this conditioning is valid because we don't want a planet full of people able to kill each other without consequence. However, much of what we learn is stifling and fear-based, thus inhibiting us from real personal growth.

To be simple, your mind is what gets in the way of feeling this oneness with everything, which is quite extraordinary. Your mind prevents real spiritual and personal growth because it constantly says don't do this or don't think that or don't feel that way. Meditation is the only real way to plug yourself into that wonderful, universal energy that, ironically, you are already a part of.

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