Stress Relief Techniques

Written by James Lyons
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A number of different stress relief techniques exist for you to look at when you decide to conquer the stress in your life. Whichever technique(s) you choose, it is important to note that this could be one of the most important decisions you ever make, especially if you have any existing health problems brought on by excess stress. However, even if you are seemingly in perfect health, you should take pre-emptive measures to prevent stress-induced mental or health problems.

Exercise, meditation and massage are three of the most popular techniques used around the world today. All three stress relief techniques are highly effective and all three should be incorporated into your life if time and money permit. In reality, however, most of us don't have the time to exercise, get a massage and meditate every day or even every week.

A Little More on These Stress Relief Techniques

There a so many different forms of meditation techniques a person can explore that I have a hard time knowing where to begin. You can meditate in your car, in your bed, standing, sitting, squatting, while you exercise, while doing Yoga, you name it. Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to reduce anxiety and foster spiritual growth.

Meditation in conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise, and the occasional massage will increase your energy and reduce your stress levels over a long period of time. There are specific physiological benefits associated with meditation and exercise such as a decline in cortisol (the primary stress hormone), less muscle tension, and blood pressure stabilization. These are just a few of the many advantages of incorporating such things into your life.

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