Transcendental Meditation Techniques

Written by James Lyons
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Transcendental Meditation techniques are Hindu meditation techniques brought to the United States by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, nick-named the "giggling guru" because of his reputation for giggling during television interviews. Stillness of the mind is not itself the technique of Transcendental Meditation, but rather the natural result of correct practice.

Transcendental Meditation aside, systems of meditation generally fall into one of two categories: contemplation or concentration. It takes effort to concentrate and effort keeps the mind lively and active. Contemplation, however, requires the mind to think about something and these thoughts lead to other thoughts and the mind inevitably remains active.

A Brief Explanation of Transcendental Meditation Techniques

To use a metaphor, equate the human mind to an ocean-your daily thoughts are the cresting waves on the surface, and your more relaxed, more intuitive experiences are the deeper waters, the stiller waters. Those who advocate Transcendental Meditation techniques contend that concentration keeps one focused on the surface waters when we should be striving for the deeper, silent levels of the mind. Over time, everyone is capable of submerging to the deeper levels of consciousness.

As you begin to look at different meditation techniques and different philosophies you will notice that each boasts advantages over the other. The point you should keep in mind is that all forms of meditation are excellent anxiety self help tactics and all forms will improve your mental and physical health. It's up to you to fully commit to the practice of whatever form you choose.

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