Zen Meditation

Written by James Lyons
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Zen Meditation forms focus more on the present, the here and now. This is accomplished by impartially examining the breath and the sensations in the body very acutely. Achieving perfect concentration without having to consciously block out external distraction is the goal. You want to reach a state of calmness and objectivity.

When practicing Zen Meditation or other forms of mindfulness meditation you want to be open to and aware of all the different passing feelings, thoughts, sounds, sensations, and smells without feeling the need to think about them. The person meditating will sit quietly and observe everything that goes through the mind without becoming involved with the thoughts. This helps one become a more objective, peaceful human being.

Zen Meditation Can Help You Unlock Your Potential

I'm sure you hear or read these things like "This pill will unlock your muscles' potential" or "This program will unlock your mind's potential." As you probably know, most of this stuff isn't worth the paper the advertisement is printed on. At the end of the day, only you have the ability to unlock your own potential.
The benefits of meditation are boundless; doctors are still discovering all the wonderful things meditation can do for your mind and body. The idea of meditation, Zen Meditation and all other forms of meditation, is to find and tap those intrinsic resources of energy and enlightenment. The answers lie within your own mind and your own body and certain techniques will help you illuminate these answers.

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