Zen Meditation Techniques

Written by James Lyons
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Zen Meditation techniques have been practiced for centuries, but this practice was not embraced fully by the Western world until recently. Have you have ever strolled along the beach and stared out at the ocean while the sun is setting, you probably felt a sense of inner peace and oneness with the world? That's the feeling that typically comes with meditation and that's the feeling you can have all the time.

Zen meditation techniques involve the concept of zazen. Together mindfulness and sitting meditation form the Zen practice named zazen. Zazen means "to touch the cosmos through one single body, our body. All existences and myself are one single body."

Getting Started with Zen Meditation Techniques

Find a nice clean place. Sit in a position that is comfortable for you, not necessarily some awkward pose that people think they have to do. Close your eyes. Focus on the darkness behind your eyelids. Witness the flow of your thoughts. Don't try to temper the flow of thoughts, merely observe them. In an effort to keep your attention focused, chant any mantra you want. Meditate like this for at least 10 minutes; then open your eyes slowly.

When your mind strays it's important to not regard this as a blunder. On certain days, you might not be able to count beyond one without having your mind wander. Don't get frustrated with yourself; this is perfectly natural and you are just beginning. Simply acknowledge the fact that your mind is busy that day and keep going. Recognize the thoughts you are having and the feelings that accompany them and gradually come back to your breath.

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