Barefoot Coral Calcium Plus

Written by Norene Anderson
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Barefoot Coral Calcium Plus is a combination of natural ingredients designed to provide many of the nutrients needed on a daily basis. The recommended dosage provides 44 percent of vitamin A, 100 percent of vitamin C, D-3, E, zinc, and chromium, 36 percent of calcium, 45 percent of magnesium, and other necessary nutrients.

Barefoot Coral Calcium Plus is designed by Bob Barefoot and the method of coral growth is monitored carefully. He says that the coral calcium is taken from the ocean floor and the coral sands are separated from the living coral. Only the best grade of coral calcium is used in Barefoot's Coral Calcium formula.

The Benefits of Barefoot Coral Calcium Plus

One of the major effects of Barefoot Coral Calcium Plus is the ratio of calcium to magnesium. It is necessary to have a 2 to 1 ratio for both to be fully absorbed by the body. The body must have an adequate supply of calcium and it must be absorbed properly to prevent the body from withdrawing the needed supply from the bones. This problem causes many elderly people to suffer fractures. Healthy bones require the intake of calcium that is sufficient to prevent bone loss.

Natural supplements are not intended for use to replace proper dietary intake. They are designed to work in conjunction with a normal diet. It is important to keep the body healthy by providing nourishment at the cellular level and maintaining a normal pH balance in the body at all times. This allows the body to process the food intake for optimal utilization of energy.

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