Benefits Of Collagen

Written by Amy Hall
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There are certainly numerous benefits of collagen that extend beyond the reduction of facial wrinkles and fine lines. Numerous studies have shown that collagen supplements can actually reverse the signs of aging and give people back their youthful glow. Not only does collagen help reduce the physical signs of aging, but it can also help people feel better.

The body naturally produces collagen, and it is found in the skin, bones, cartilage, and other types of connective tissues. By the time we hit our mid-twenties, our bodies begin to produce less and less collagen, at a rate of about 1.5 percent each year. This can cause a host of problems, from joint pain to back aches to increased body fat. Of course the issue of wrinkles is always present, but some other signs of aging can actually be more bothersome.

The Benefits of Collagen as We Age

Diminished collagen in the body has been attributed to the development of cellulite, joint pain, dry skin, lackluster hair, weak nails, and decreased lean muscle mass. All of these problems naturally begin to occur as we age, which can prove frustrating when you are trying to eat right and exercise regularly. One of the benefits of collagen is that it seems to halt aging in its tracks and allows the body to repair itself with continued use.

Collagen supplements that come in capsule form can help you nip aging in the bud before it gets away from you. With regular use, collagen supplements can improve the overall look of your skin by boosting hydration, improve the condition of the nails and hair, diminish the look of cellulite on the legs and hips, reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass, and ease joint pain associated with arthritis.

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