Black Cumin Oil

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Black cumin oil is extracted from the seeds of a herbaceous plant with characteristic black seeds. The oil has been shown to positively affect the immune system and has been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. References to black cumin seeds can even be found in the Bible and in the words of Islamic prophet Mohammed, who wrote, "Black cumin oil cures each disease except the death." The black cumin seeds have even garnered the revered nickname "the blessed seed."

A History of Cumin Seeds

The seeds are commonly available, but the best seeds are said to come from Egypt. The use of black cumin oil as an herbal remedy has a long and prevalent history throughout the world, especially in the Middle and Far East. Records indicate that black cumin was used in the Assyria over 3,000 years ago to treat stomachaches as well as ointment for rashes and sores. It is also said that queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti used it as a part of their regularly beauty regimens.

Modern day studies have revealed that black cumin oil is instrumental in encouraging the production of bone marrow cells as well as the growth of other immune system cells. In addition, it also protects normal cells from viral diseases, destroys tumor cells and increases the number of antibodies. These stimulating biological functions are all crucial to boosting the potency of the immune system.

Black cumin oil is available in supplements that you can purchase online. Most providers will also offer research backing up their claims, so you can read about cumin oil products before you buy them. Black cumin oil's long history of use is a testament to its ongoing efficacy in treating common ailments and protecting our bodies against the uncommon ones.

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