Bovine Collagen

Written by Amy Hall
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Bovine collagen is extracted from the skin of a cow, and then sterilized and purified for use in supplements. It has been proven that bovine collagen is much more potent than other types of collagen supplements, such as fish or chicken collagen. In actuality, it does not matter how potent a certain type of collagen is if the body will not readily absorb it and put it to good use.

Therefore, when you are looking to purchase collagen supplements, there are a couple of factors that are important in determining the quality of such supplements. It is important that you find out how a collagen supplement is processed, because that procedure could determine how readily the body will absorb the ingredients in that supplement. Bovine collagen is typically extracted from the hide of the cow and inspected for purity. It is then dried and mixed with a buffer before being added to a capsule.

If the process were to stop there, the body would only be able to absorb about 15 percent of the product into the bloodstream for use. In order to get better absorption, the collagen that is extracted from the cowhide should be nourished further under pharmaceutical conditions, to encourage the growth of the amino acid chains found in the collagen. After two to three months, the amino acid chains are as similar to our own human amino acid chains, which means the body will absorb about 95 percent of the bovine collagen as opposed to a mere 15 percent.

Fight Aging with Bovine Collagen

As you can see, the way collagen supplements are processed affects the outcome of their use. When the body is able to absorb more collagen into the bloodstream for use in the bones, cartilage, skin, and connective tissues, the results are impressive. Over time and with continued use, these supplements should be able to reduce facial wrinkles, decrease joint pain, add luster to hair, strengthen nails, and decrease body fat and cellulite.

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